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About us

The company’s activity began in 1975 when Jerzy Borski bought his first truck and started to create the business in transport industry. At the beginning the area of business focused exclusively on domestic transport. Thanks to political and economic changes, which took place in Poland after 1989, the company had a chance to increase the development and activity in the international road transport and freight forwarding (domestic and international). Since 1999 the company has possessed a modern transport base in Janikowo near Poznań, where there are not only office space but also two renowned garages adapted to service the truck tractors and semi trailers, high storage warehouse (the area 400 m2), filling station for our needs and car park (the area 12500 m2).The profitable investment for our company was to build the transport base which expanded our area of business and increased the quality of services. Excepting aforesaid factors, which influenced on the development of MTD Jerzy Borski, transport base in Janikowo became specific showcase of the company.

From the beginning of year 2007 taking care about high quality services, we have started the implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Our transportation accomplishes on the basis Community Licence, according to legislation of CMR convention and we protect the flote by OCP police in international and domestic movement. Our personell staff possess Certificates of Proffesional Competence In the International Road Transport.

Regular customers value the company MTD Jerzy Borski for its reliability of services, openness for challenges and adjustment services to individual customer’s needs.

The significant producers and customers, such as:

have confidence in us.